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Ep 62: Therapist Corner Series - Introducing Sarah Rees & Sophie Wood

Ep 62: Therapist Corner Series - Introducing Sarah Rees & Sophie Wood

This month Sarahs podcast 'Ask the Therapist' is dedicated to Therapists Corner and Substack

In July - Sarah’s Podcast - The Ask the Therapists podcast is hosting the Therapists Corner Series introducing the community and Substack, looking at how therapists can add an additional revenue stream to their business.

In this first episode, Sarah and Sophie introduce themselves and explain why we decided to set up Therapist Corner.

On July 10th - Episode 63 is an interview with Sara Tasker.

Sara Tasker - Me & Orla, Instagram influencer, business coach, author, and now Substack expert, will be helping us understand how we can add Substack to our business and increase our revenue!

Paid Subscribers can then attend the exclusive Q&A with Sara Tasker on Tuesday 18th, and ask her all your questions.

Ask The Therapist - Podcast

In this episode of Ask the Therapist, we share our journey to building Therapists Corner, a vibrant space on Substack where therapists can connect, learn, and support each other in building successful and sustainable private practices.

You can watch the full unedited version here - Many of Sarah’s jokes ended up on the editor’s floor !!

The conversation begins with Sarah Rees, the host, expressing her enthusiasm for creating this community and the overwhelming response it has received in just three months. With hundreds of therapists already joining Therapists Corner, the energy and engagement within the community are remarkable.

Sarah explains that the podcast will be dedicated to Therapists Corner for the next four weeks, starting with an introduction episode featuring herself and Sophie Ward, the co-founder of PocketSite. They will share their journey in creating Therapists Corner and the vision behind it.

The subsequent episodes will feature insightful discussions and interviews with industry experts, including Sarah Tasker, a business coach and Instagram influencer, who will explore how therapists can utilize platforms like Substack to share valuable mental health information and generate additional revenue.

Listeners will also get a glimpse into the vibrant conversations happening within the Therapists Corner community through an exclusive Q&A session. Additionally, an interview with one of the founding members, Amy Rose, known as the Self Esteem Therapist, will delve into the topic of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for low self-esteem.

While this Substack series may not resonate with everyone, Sarah reassures listeners that regular content will resume after the Therapists Corner series, allowing them to pick up where they left off. She encourages those interested to visit on Substack for more information and to join the thriving community.

The episode then transitions into a conversation between Sarah and Sophie, where they reflect on their personal and professional journeys. Sophie, with a background in IT and project management, shares her experiences in the corporate world and her growing frustration with its constraints. She explains how her collaboration with Sarah on website design and branding marked the beginning of their joint venture in assisting therapists with their online presence.

Sarah highlights the success of her website, designed by Sophie, which led to inquiries from other therapists seeking similar services. This recognition propelled Sophie's skills to a higher level, resulting in multiple website redesigns and a growing reputation in the therapy community.

With their combined expertise and passion for supporting therapists in their business endeavours, Sarah and Sophie are thrilled to launch Therapists Corner, providing therapists with a valuable platform for growth, connection, and ongoing education.

Stay tuned for an exciting series of episodes as they delve deeper into the world of Therapists Corner and empower therapists to thrive in their private practice journey.

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Therapists Corner Podcast
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