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Therapists Corner Podcast
Q&A 12 pm BST, Fri 18th August

Q&A 12 pm BST, Fri 18th August

Internet security, referral agencies, data & GDPR, social media, accreditation, working as an associate and Substack

In this week’s episode, we talk about:

The importance of strong passwords & Two Factor Authentification

Becoming an associate - areas to consider and discuss with the company

The pros and cons of being an associate

Data and GDPR

Negotiating fees

Running Google ads, how much to spend and the cost to convert

How to measure the success of your business

Accredited with the BACP and BABCP

Social media

Substack post types - how to use Notes, Chat etc

Substack in general.

The next Q&A session is:

Wednesday, 23rd August, 30 min at 3.30 pm Q&A for all paid Subscribers about clinical wills

Therapists Corner
Therapists Corner Podcast
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