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Replay - Q&A 12 pm, 5th April

Replay - Q&A 12 pm, 5th April

Instagram, Google Ads, marketing, cancellation policies and email lists

The next Q&A is Tuesday 9th April @6pm BST - 1 hour Q&A with Sarah and Sophie

In this episode we talked about:

  1. Marketing efforts, especially on platforms like Instagram, may take around 3 months to show significant results. Consistency and patience are essential.

  2. Despite efforts on Instagram, some participants found it challenging to drive traffic to their websites, indicating frustrations with platform engagement.

  3. Engagement increased during a live challenge on Instagram, fostering a sense of community among therapists and facilitating mutual support.

  4. The announcement of winners in an Instagram challenge -

    The winner of the Instagram challenge was

    In Second place was

  5. Discussion on cancellation policies for therapy sessions.

  6. Establishing clear cancellation policies upfront helps manage expectations.

  7. Discussion on networking within the community of therapists and professionals working with children.

  8. Importance of setting strict boundaries with clients and parents for effective therapy.

  9. Experimentation and feedback are crucial in business and marketing strategies.

  10. Utilisation of social media, such as podcasts, to generate buzz and visibility for therapist services.

  11. Traditional methods like business cards still have relevance and may aid in networking.

  12. Considerations and strategies for utilising Google Ads effectively, including tracking and timing.

  13. Experimentation with Google Ads.

  14. Suggestions for self-education through online resources like YouTube videos for understanding Google Ads.

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  • Tuesday 30th April at 12 with Sarah

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