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Replay - Q&A 12 pm GMT, 23rd February

Replay - Q&A 12 pm GMT, 23rd February

Substack strategy, social media, outsourcing, marketing, blogs, testimonials and AI

The next Q&A is on Tuesday, the 27th, at 12 with Sarah - link in the Calendar.

In this episode we talked about:

  1. Substack content strategy

  2. Dealing with unhelpful comments on Facebook

  3. How negative comments on social media can be part of a strategy

  4. Responding to negative reviews on platforms like Google

  5. Creating connection pods or support groups to boost engagement

  6. How outsourcing tasks is a valid strategy to manage workload, but needs careful consideration

  7. Feeling overwhelmed with behind-the-scenes marketing activities

  8. Planning marketing activities on a weekly and monthly basis

  9. Consistency and social media posting

  10. The importance of crafting blog titles

  11. Collecting testimonials and reviews from clients

  12. Creating a therapy blueprint document for clients

  13. The role of AI in search results.

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  • February 27th | 30min Q&A

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