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Replay - Q&A 12 pm GMT, 9th February

Replay - Q&A 12 pm GMT, 9th February

Outsourcing, Instagram, email marketing, software solutions, Google ads and Therapists Corner 1st birthday plans!

The next Q&A is on Tuesday, the 13th, at 12 with Sarah's link in the Calendar.

In this episode we talked about:

  • Getting Started in Private Practice Course starting in April

  • Celebration of Therapist Corner's upcoming one-year anniversary.

  • Optimising Instagram for therapists to increase referrals to their private practice, featuring a guest speaker, Sara Tasker.

  • A 4-week Instagram challenge with daily prompts and a prize for the participant with the highest reach.

  • Outsourcing tasks to improve productivity, including suggestions for virtual assistants and services like cleaning.

  • Evaluating tasks through time motion analysis to identify areas for outsourcing.

  • Insight into the benefits of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

  • Software solutions for automating invoicing and payment processes.

  • Outsourcing content creation, such as hiring a copywriter.

  • Outsourcing and building trust with external collaborators.

  • Potential grants for small businesses to hire apprentices.

  • Emphasis on the importance of having a data processing agreement in place when outsourcing tasks involving sensitive data.

  • Discussed software tool Tacklit

  • Google ads, concerns about BetterHelp

  • Effectiveness of Instagram, including paid visibility and lead generation

  • Content creation and outsourcing

  • Engaging past clients through email marketing

  • Segmenting and obtaining consent for email marketing

  • Importance of personal connection and video content

  • Considerations for a potential Instagram relaunch.

Save the dates for the next calls…

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  • February 23rd | 30min Q&A

  • February 27th | 30min Q&A

  •  Founding Members Power Hour. Wed 21st February, 4 pm

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