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Why Substack with Sara Tasker

Why Substack with Sara Tasker

Have you thought you need to add another revenue stream to your business? Then this is the episode for you - Paid Subscribers can join the Q&A session with Sara on Tuesday 18th July at 12

In this episode, I have the pleasure of talking to

business coach, bestselling author and renowned expert in content creation and social media.

Sara shares her remarkable journey from the NHS to becoming a successful Instagram influencer, Author, Photographer and now a Substack writer.

We discussed the potential of Substack for therapists as an additional revenue stream.

Paid Subscribers are invited to join an exclusive Q&A with Sara and ask her all your Substack and social media questions on Tuesday, 18th July, at 12. 

A link to the Zoom Q&A will be sent out in the next few days and a reminder on the day.

Sara's Substack

The landscape of social media is changing, and there is an increasing need for therapists to have a broader platform to share their knowledge and expertise. Mental health services face huge accessibility issues for many people, and having a wider-reaching platform can help address this problem while also supporting therapists in running a more sustainable business without heading to burnout with 1-1 sessions.

Therapists have so much knowledge that deserves to be shared far wider than the traditional therapy room, and we think a substack is the answer.

Sara explains Substack and its possibilities, we explore its features and unique combination of blogging, newsletters, email lists and community building.

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We highlighted the advantages it offers therapists, such as the ability to share resources, provide valuable information, and cultivate a global audience. Additionally, we discussed the revenue potential and scalability of Substack, enabling therapists to generate income and reach a larger audience beyond traditional one-on-one sessions.

To wrap up the episode, we provided practical steps for therapists to get started on Substack. These included creating an account, exploring existing Substacks for inspiration and emphasising the importance of creating valuable content for subscribers. We emphasised the organic growth and human-centred nature of Substack, urging therapists to prioritize meaningful posts over adhering to strict posting schedules.

Overall, our conversation shed light on the immense potential of Substack for therapists as a platform for sharing knowledge, connecting with a broader audience, and creating additional revenue streams.

We would love to know your thoughts or if you have any questions do pop them below.

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